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everything louder than everything else
the one with the crossword
cross words
spiral out (keep going)
freestyle 1
muddy waters
this is happening
grid wars 6 (oh brother)
freestyle 2
grid wars 7 (freestyle 2.5)
working out isn't working out
foreword (grid wars 8)
freestyle 3
brooms up
folk music
speaking in tongues
happy interdependence day (freestyle 8)
pow pow
gobble gobble gobble (freestyle 4)
there's no place like our home for the holidays
lights, camera, action
i'm dreaming of a white christmas
cover song
here we come a-caroling
present day
happy new year
the white stuff
xx-mas (freestyle 5)
b team
school daze
fourteen by four (freestyle 18)
look out ahead
some say love, it is a puzzle (with allegra kuney)
believe it! (freestyle 21)
jumping for joy
in search of lost time (freestyle 24)
pick sixty eight (freestyle 27)
one shining moment
how i want a mathy crossword
additional studies (with chris king)
one weird trick?
slimming down
all for one (freestyle 31)
a tradition unlike any other
x japan gon' give it to ya (freestyle 42)
count on me
fun run
i thought this was speed dating (freestyle 23)
tubthumping (freestyle 39)
it's all greek to me
working blue
fudge factor (with jesse lansner)
home at last (freestyle 29)
cortez (freestyle 49)
in memory of
jailhouse rock
go to sleep (freestyle 54)
total football (freestyle 64 with jenna lafleur)
t men
my shot (freestyle 10)
wot in alternation (with adam nicolle)
nice (freestyle 69)
close shave
america (freestyle 70)
repeat offenders
remember (freestyle 36)
hot tea (freestyle 59)
more ovens
bare necessities (freestyle 80)
a few times i've been around that track
remember, remember (freestyle 72)
ex men
from start to finish
tom tom club
about time (freestyle 82)
so it goes (freestyle 93)
stocking stuffer
we three songs (freestyle 83)
touchword 1
olin college
twist and shout
animal house
cutting corners (freestyle 96)
making up ground
time out (freestyle 98)
winding numbers
seven and seven (freestyle 53)
turn around
los borrachos (freestyle 100)
chris folds five
jestin' time (freestyle 102)
beer money (freestyle 108)
game breakers
counting stars
short waves
hoofing it
winning records (freestyle 76)
circulating air
squarefree (meta)
squarefree 1
mini marching bands 1-4
will they or won't they (freestyle 113)
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barany + friends

moving forward (october 2016)
stronger together (july 2016)
a piece of our mind (june 2016)
california dreamin' (june 2016)
56-downed-up-charges (june 2016)
wall in the family (may 2016)
craftily rerun zodiac (april 2016)
supreme effort (march 2016)
complex fruits (december 2015, posted june 2016)
giving t.hanks for the holidays (december 2015)
citi-zens united (november 2015)

published puzzles

unemployed philosopher's guild (2/2016)
orange county register (12/1/2016)
chronicle of higher education (the mathematics of baking, 3/10/2017)
orange county register (4/13/2017)
minneapolis star tribune (north stars, 4/16/2017)
orange county register (5/25/2017)
minnesota crossword tournament (line changes, 6/11/2017)
minneapolis star tribune (land of lakes, 6/25/2017)
minneapolis star tribune (minnesota masquerade, 10/8/2017)
fireball crosswords (you won't see me, 10/25/2017)
minneapolis star tribune (minnesota ice, 12/3/2017)
outside the box puzzles (science fiction double feature, 12/4/2017)
andrews mcmeel universal (free for all ii, 3/10/2017)
queer qrosswords (themeless, 3/15/2018)
queer qrosswords (loud and proud, 3/15/2018)
minneapolis star tribune (oh the places you'll go, 3/25/2018)
andrews mcmeel universal (sunday freestyle x, 5/6/2018)
fireball crosswords (and how!, 6/6/2018)
la times (themed, 6/28/2018)
cornell alumni magazine (acrostic, 7/2/2018)
ny times (themed, 7/3/2018)
andrews mcmeel universal (sunday freestyle xxvi, 8/26/2018)
minneapolis star tribune (minnesota menagerie, 9/30/2018)
andrews mcmeel universal (free for all xxxvi, 11/3/2018)
minneapolis star tribune (packed for travel, 12/9/2018)
american values club crossword (avcx themeless #34, 12/26/2018)
andrews mcmeel universal (three of a kind, 2/5/2019)
la times (freestyle, 2/16/2019)
andrews mcmeel universal (hanging in suspense, 2/28/2019)
ny times (themed, 3/21/2019)
minneapolis star tribune (field of dreams, 3/24/2019)
andrews mcmeel universal (end of the line, 3/24/2019)
andrews mcmeel universal (april fools, 4/1/2019)
wall street journal (split in two, 4/8/2019)
spyscape crosswords (start to smiley, 4/12/2019)
andrews mcmeel universal (tongue-tied, 5/26/2019)
minneapolis star tribune (minnesota born to run, 6/9/2019)