why the name?

because i'm a math geek who also likes crosswords.

how often are puzzles posted?

weekly, though the exact day of publication varies week to week. almost always friday to sunday, though.

what's with the weird numbering of the freestyle puzzles?

see here, but mostly it's because not all freestyles i make end up on the blog, or in the same order.

how can i stay informed of the puzzles?

join the google group, or follow me on twitter. that should work.

wait, i thought you already had a site?

you're thinking of chris king.

why lowercase?

capitals look weird.

but i've seen you use capitals before.

that's not a question.

but i've seen you use capitals before?

probably was my phone autocorrecting me, or me actually using email correctly, or something.
(side note: if you know how to toggle capitalization on/off at will on a phone, let me know.)

have you ever actually published any crosswords?

that's what this site is for.

i mean in newspapers or something.

i've had a few in the chronicle of higher education, the orange county register, and the minneapolis star tribune. more details on the puzzle tab.

is there any way to tip you?

sure! paypal link here; if that doesn't work for you, hit me up and we'll figure something out.