Tuesday, February 15, 2022

puzzle 193: "hey, how about a nice hawaiian punch?"

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i'm back with a puzzle whose theme kinda just popped into my head; thanks to ada for the title, ricky for the absolute banger of a clue for 27-down, and adam for both the clue for 37-across and for making wordlisted, which made finding theme entries a lot easier.

anyway, as tends to be the case of late, i went all in on some of the clues; as always, enjoy! more soon, especially w/r/t the new and expanded avcx, where i'll be one of the editors for avcx+ (and can confirm we've got a lot of banger puzzles in the queue).

also, uh, because i couldn't be arsed to remove this part from copy/pasting the last blog post in as a template for this post, here's a reminder that i'm open to make custom puzzles for just about anything. alternately, if you want to throw some cash at me for non-custom puzzles, the arcseconds puzzle suite is still available for purchase.