Sunday, December 22, 2019

puzzle 142: "snowfall"

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if this puzzle strikes you as similar to a puzzle i had with universal six months ago, you're not wrong; this is what i originally submitted to david steinberg, more or less. thankfully, he had the (much better) idea to modify the theme slightly, which led to making a completely new puzzle from scratch; still, i think this one holds up, and is quite appropriate this time of year anyhow.

also: paolo pasco just dropped a new freestyle; it's been way too long since i've solved a paolo puzzle, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. also in the "quality over quantity" group of crossword constructors: chris king, whose book makes a great christmas present, and who just dropped a four part meta suite that i'm going to dig into once i finish posting this. and, speaking of metas: evan birnholz has a wonderful meta this weekend for the washington post.