Monday, May 4, 2020

puzzle 163: "whoosh (freestyle 151)"

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in case you missed it, here's a mini 5x5 crossword i posted on twitter yesterday. also yesterday: yet another crossword livestream, which involved me solving all thirty universal puzzles from april as fast as i could while also drinking. probably could have done better on both fronts (drinking and solving) but still had fun, and i think i'm gonna do another speed run at the end of may.

i'll still continue the weekly livestreams, though, and i'll try to announce them here in advance as much as possible, although the problem is that those tend to be on friday / saturday and puzzles tend to get published on saturday / sunday. to be fair, i tried getting this week's puzzle up before the livestream, so i could announce it in advance here (in addition to my twitter). but i realized while cluing it that there was a typo, and that resulted in redoing a quarter of the grid, and so here we are. mea culpa.

at least this is an extra large grid, which is nice, although it's also another freestyle, which, to be honest, i'm finding easier to make these days. not that they're easy to make; i'm finding all puzzles to be hard to make. i just don't seem to have as much creativity in this current climate to make puzzles, but i'm still trying, and mostly i'm doing ok, although i really miss just being out and about and leading a normal life and hitting upon a serendipitous moment where you get a theme idea. like, with everything locked down and with all your socializing planned out in advance, or at least through video rather than in real life, it's a lot harder to have those random moments that create a seed of an idea for crosswords. and with so many things that would normally cause inspiration either being postponed or cancelled...well, it's a bit harder creating themed crosswords at the moment, but i'm trying.

which is to say: if you have ideas, let's collab; i'm trying to be faster in responding to things, but also i'm finding myself having a lot more emails to respond to than usual, so it kinda evens out a bit.

in any case, though, there's a lot of crosswords out there to solve. most of the ones i get for my weekly livestreams come from people i know and/or matthew gritzmacher's daily crossword links, which you absolutely need to be subscribing to if you aren't already. or just watch one of my livestreams: generally, the puzzles i solve are the puzzles i would recommend to others as well.