Sunday, April 26, 2020

puzzle 162: "roger that (freestyle 149)"

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here's a freestyle that's a little larger than usual, to accommodate the four stacked entries in the center. a fair amount of tinkering went into getting a good number of long crossing entries on that stack while still having space for long answers in all four corners; i like the results, even if it did require a few more cheater squares than i'd've liked. still, the grid looks nice, and it should be a fun solve.

if you're up for a challenge, try solving this one downs only. the pdf can easily have the across clues folded back and hidden, and if you're using puz, you can always get rid of the across clues here.

also, a reminder that i haven't yet posted the solution to last week's meta collaboration yet; i've gotten a good number of emails and messages from solvers who enjoyed the puzzle and managed to figure out the meta, and i'd love to get more—i always enjoy hearing from solvers.