Sunday, March 17, 2019

puzzle 100: "los borrachos (freestyle 100)"

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triple digits! feels weird to be typing it out, but hey, i'll take it. and not all of the puzzles have been bad, either. in any case, felt i should celebrate with an oversized puzzle with an appropriate mini-theme; it started at 17x17 before ballooning to 19x19 to accommodate both the stacked seed entries and the nice, longer fill throughout the puzzle.

also: thank you for solving! no matter whether you've been here from the beginning, or this is your first puzzle, it's appreciated. can't do this without you all; i'm looking forward to a lot more puzzles here, and i hope you are too.

other puzzle news: i am looking into all the logistics and legal stuff behind starting a puzzle subscription service strictly for freestyle puzzles. if you have any helpful information, or if you know anybody who does, that'd be greatly appreciated. i would also absolutely love to have collaborators / co-editors for this project; if you're interested in helping out, drop me a line. and, finally, any suggestions for naming this would be appreciated as well.

also: i regret to say that i will not be at acpt this year, but my puzzles will be; feel free to spread the word. in addition, i have some upcoming puzzles in places that aren't this site: nyt on 3/21, minneapolis star tribune and universal on 3/24 (both collabs w/ george barany), and universal on 4/1 (a collab w/ dallas fletcher as part of the ucerp project). really excited for all of these puzzles, and to the other ones with dates to be determined.