Friday, July 27, 2018

puzzle 65: "total football (freestyle 64 with jenna lafleur)"

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incredibly proud to have a collaboration w/ jenna lafleur, solver, streamer, and constructor extraordinaire. unlike me, she's at boswords this weekend (with copies of both this puzzle and last week's), and i have full faith that she's going to kill it. and if you're there as well, maybe say hi to jenna, and good luck on all the puzzles—i'll be solving from home, but with the list of constructors, i can't see these being anything less than a bunch of excellent puzzles.

some more thoughts + background on this puzzle from jenna herself:
freestyle construction has always seemed like a pretty daunting task to me, but recently i figured i should try giving it a serious shot. i emailed chris with the seed entry and asked if he wanted to collab and/or give advice. he replied with some very helpful tips that helped me get a start on the grid, which we then filled in and clued via several different modes of communication—a google hangout, then twitter dms, and finally back to email. this puzzle has some clues in it that i'm really proud of—hope it's an enjoyable solve!