Wednesday, June 3, 2020

puzzle 167: "do the right thing (freestyle 154)"

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those of you who follow my twitch streams will know that last weekend, i discussed the lack of motivation / creativity i've had in creating puzzles recently, and the reasons behind that, which helps explain why last weekend's puzzle is appearing on a wednesday. but i appreciate the constructors who have been able to continue making puzzles, most of which i've been streaming, and i appreciate those who watch and show their support.

anyway, burying the lede here: i'll be streaming a speedrun of all the universal puzzles from may in the near future. inspired by rebecca falcon, i would like to raise money for black lives matter, the ongoing protests, bailout funds, and whatever else could use it at the moment. to that end, i'd appreciate it if you'd join me for the stream and pledge some money. this twitter thread has some ideas, some of which are performance-based and some of which depend on the words in the crossword, and i'd also be thrilled to hear any ideas to add to that and raise more money.

also, both paolo pasco and erik agard have offered crosswords for donations; i've already donated; i encourage you to do so as well, and to join me when i do another livestream fundraiser with these puzzles later this month.