Sunday, July 8, 2018

puzzle 62: "in memory of"

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sorry for the (unplanned) absence of a puzzle last week, but hope y'all enjoyed the LAT + NYT puzzles i had in the meantime. quite a few of y'all emailed / tweeted / texted / carrier pigeoned / smoke signaled support, commentary, and feedback, and it's much appreciated, as always.

somewhat ironically, one of things i mentioned in my commentary on the NYT puzzle was that i always try to keep things as clean as possible. and yet, this puzzle has a few answers that i'm not particularly enamored with. but, it's a trade-off, and i can live with those in return for cramming in a few more quasi-theme entries and such, in much the same way that (as a solver) i can live with a bit of meh fill in service of a particularly exceptional theme or flashy freestyle, but don't care for it when it could (and, in my opinion, should) be easily improved.

in other news, i am (finally) including solutions to puzzles, and will add solutions to old puzzles in the near future.