Saturday, February 1, 2020

puzzle 149: "cha cha now y'all (freestyle 135)"

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low word count themeless? yup. wasn't planned, but kinda just happened, and i like how it turned out.

also, this sunday's new york times puzzle is a collaboration between brian herrick (who you may remember from this puzzle) and myself; if you haven't already solved it, i think you'll like it.

additionally, since it's been a hot minute since i last did this, i'm opening up the tip jar for the entirety of the month of february. strictly speaking, it's always open, and the site is always free, but any donation of $10 or more this month will be rewarded with a lot of gratitude and a pair of bonus puzzles—a themed 15x25 that's pretty fun and a freestyle 17x17 that's hard as all get-out. puzzles will be sent out by tuesday, if not sooner; i'll be pretty busy the next few days with a 5k race, the super bowl, and then flying back home to caucus. i might be able to find some time (and an internet connection) during all that, but if not, rest assured that the puzzles will be worth the wait.

also, answer to last week's brainteaser, encoded in rot-13: ehtol synaxref