Monday, June 15, 2020

puzzle 169: "touchword 3"

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last saturday, i twitch streamed a bunch of rows gardens puzzles, and at one point the discussion turned to different types of variety puzzles and whether we'd constructed them before. i haven't made a rows garden yet, but i have made some touchwords, and so that inspired me to put another one out.

if you haven't solved one before, the rules are pretty straightforward: instead of having words cross at the same letter, in a touchword, every letter is vertically adjacent to the same letter (either above or below, and sometimes both). also, the first and last rows are considered adjacent, so the whole thing wraps around into a cylinder, and thus everything is crossed touched.

also, three quick puzzles announcements: one, eric berlin has put out a set of social distancing puzzles, meant to be solved with a partner. there's ten puzzles plus a final puzzle that ties everything together, and having solved them last night, i can confirm that they're all well made and incredibly entertaining, with lots of nice little touches throughout that show how much care (and fun!) eric put into these.

two, will nediger also has a puzzle suite out; titled escape the grid, it's a series of meta puzzles where each one unlocks the next, and the whole thing functions as an escape room somehow. i haven't solved yet, but i'm looking forward to doing so.

and finally, the people behind boxaroo are doing colby's curious cookoff, an online puzzle hunt that hasn't launched yet (but will soon!) and which i'm told is going to be incredibly fun and well worth solving. i've already signed up, and i can't wait for when it goes live.