Sunday, June 7, 2020

puzzle 168: "questionable content (freestyle 152)"

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this freestyle was directly inspired by this tweet (spoilers, obviously) in response to my recent new york times puzzle. only one thing you can do with that tweet; would've liked to have used the same grid as that puzzle, but i'm pretty pleased with how this one turned out.

speaking of crossword tweets, here's a mini crossword (3x5) i posted on twitter recently.

otherwise, friday's livestream is still posted on my twitch; the stream went well, and i managed to solve all 31 universal puzzles from may in 1:25:37. fast, but not as fast as dan feyer, who solved a bunch of freestyles (including my most recent one) on his twitch yesterday, which was a bunch of fun to watch. looking forward to the next time he does that, as well as the next time i stream (probably friday or saturday, as seems to be usual). until then, stay safe.