Monday, April 1, 2019

puzzle 102: "jestin' time (freestyle 102)"

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this puzzle's seeds were a pair of entries that were cut (and replaced with equally interesting, though slightly less niche answers) from today's universal crossword, which is a collaboration with dallas fletcher as part of the ucerp project. many thanks to david steinberg for starting this project and having me on board; i had a lot of fun collaborating with dallas, and i'm hoping that the project continues to be a thing. i'd certainly love to help out again, and i'd certainly love to collaborate with y'all if you have ideas. in fact, i'd say that some of the best puzzles i've worked on in the last month or so have been collaborations—not just this puzzle, but a collab for queer qrosswords 2, as well as a couple of puzzles that (fingers crossed) will appear in dead tree media in the not too distant future.