Sunday, July 22, 2018

puzzle 64: "go to sleep (freestyle 54)"

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those of you that solve fireball crosswords might find this feels like a peter gordon themeless, in that it combines two of his trademarks: unusual marquee entries, and seed entries that have something superficial in common. no prize for guessing which two entries fill those roles in this puzzle, but it was interesting to build a grid around making sure the first of these entries was crossed fairly, and then trying to fill in the other half around a rather interesting pattern. i think this one ended up pretty decent; there's a few entries i don't completely care for, but given the constraints, i think they're worth the fill in this case (though i certainly don't plan on using them again anywhere in the near future).

in other news: i will not, as i had planned / hoped to, be at either boswords or lollapuzzoola this year, which is extremely disappointing for me for many reasons. i would still like to have a presence there, so if you can help with printing puzzles, it'd be greatly appreciated.

edit: the clue for 35A should properly read "like the valkyries"; the current files should be correct.