Saturday, February 29, 2020

puzzle 154: "field testing"

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happy birthday to me, and a reminder that today is the last day to get this month's bonus puzzles. any donation of $10 or more to the tip jar gets you both a themed 15x25 and a freestyle 17x17, which a positive integral number of people have said good things about (and many thanks to them, as well as all those who've already donated).

anyway, today's puzzle has nothing to do with today, but if you want a puzzle that does, here's a pdf to a puzzle i made for the crossword mug back in 2016. fun fact: this was the first puzzle i ever had published, and although i probably should have started with something easier, i learned a lot during the (rather long) process of making it.

as for this puzzle, it's inspired (like so many others on this site) by recent events; i apologize for starting the puzzle on a down note, but i kinda backed myself into a corner by making the lower right corner as open as it is, which meant the upper left (which i probably should have started with when i was filling the grid) was harder to fill than it should have been. still, i like how this one came out, and there's a lot of good fill, and i hope you enjoy it.