Thursday, November 18, 2021

puzzle 192: "musical numbers"

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i've got next tuesday's 7xwords puzzle, which will probably be the most-hated puzzle i put out this month, although this one might be a very close second. i don't apologize for anything, and i'm looking forward to all the hate mail while i sit here and go "yes...ha ha ha...yes!" like the sicko i am.

in all seriousness, this puzzle started with the three seed entries, which of course i had to stack (hashtag nediger bait, since it's worked twice before; also shoutout to will and quiara for test-solving this and convincing me to maybe make it less unfair). the theme entries very much cater to my interests (especially the third; give that a listen after solving), as does the rest of the puzzle (i mean, bowie! talking heads! the unitaskers! ao3! obligatory car seat headrest clue! *resets the "weeks since making a gratuitous car seat headrest reference" sign to zero*)

so, lots of pop culture and trivia means massive YMMV w/r/t solving experiences, but ultimately i *think* the crossings are fair, or at least can be figured out via logic and/or magic. also, extra credit if you know other potential themers here.

finally, a reminder that i'm open to make custom puzzles for just about anything. alternately, if you want to throw some cash at me for non-custom puzzles, the arcseconds puzzle suite is still available for purchase.

oh, and as for the bottom middle of this puzzle: building around the stacked theme answers kinda forced a large chunk of black squares, but i decided i'd rather have a disconnected section just for funsies instead (it's not the first time i've done this, or the second, or the third, and each time there's been a different little something going on in those isolated parts).