Saturday, July 6, 2019

puzzle 116: "recycle (freestyle 73)"

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apologies for not having a puzzle last week; those of you who follow me on twitter will know the trials and tribulations (and the effect that those had on me) trying to get to new york city and getting rerouted to hell newark airport, which is not at all the same. anyway, lack of energy and writer's block ensued. the good news, at least, is that there's a few puzzles now on deck, so there shouldn't be any interruption in the near future (barring any other temporospatial detours into hell newark airport).

in other news, boswords is happening july 28th, and i will actually be there (and, given that i will be taken the train to boston, i don't think i'll end up rerouted into hell newark airport). come say hi and/or commiserate with me about stupid errors and/or talk to me about that day's new york times puzzle.

otherwise, hit me up if you wanna collab on a puzzle; i expect to have copies of my puzzles present and would love to feature other constructors as well.