Monday, January 8, 2018

puzzle 32: "xx-mas (freestyle 5)"

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totally forgot to put out a puzzle on the weekend because it's winter break and i've lost track of what day it is. also meant to put this one out closer to christmas. oh well.

important: erik agard has recently made a post that is well worth checking out. gender inequality is one of the many issues in crossworld today, and it's something we need to address. i'm committing to doing what i can to increase visibility for female constructors--whether it's test solving, collaborating, or just advice in general, i'm glad to help. and so are many other talented constructors out there. (e.g. see erik's post, or the below tweet, etc.)
in other news, i've recently seen i, tonya, and besides adding it to my wordlist, i'm wholeheartedly recommending it (as well as the sufjan song below, because i have an aesthetic to uphold)