Sunday, June 17, 2018

puzzle 60: "fifty-fifty"

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between father's day, the u.s. open, and the world cup, i hope y'all are enjoying your weekend. also hope y'all enjoy this puzzle, which is, quite frankly, a bit out there. just look at it. it certainly wasn't my intention for it to end up that weird, but that's one of the perks of running my own site--if that happens, it happens. started with the central reveal and decided to triple stack it, similar to this andrew ries puzzle from a few years back. really put an emphasis on clean and interesting fill through that area, and that ended up expanding the grid a fair bit. at that point, the only real way to fit in theme answers would be with intersecting pairs in each corner, so i went all out. way too many cheater squares, and quite a bit of long fill that's as long as (or longer than) theme entries. both of these are, to some degree, frowned upon, but i think the end result stands up, even if it's a bit out there.