Saturday, January 14, 2023

puzzle 198: "secret snowflake"

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it's been a hot minute since we've had a puzzle here, which is not to say that i haven't been making them, just that they're either for specific outlets, or that they're out in the wilderness of submissions that i've yet to hear back on, or something.

anyway, crosscord had a secret snowflake puzzle exchange, and i ended up making this puzzle for robin yu, who wanted something in the difficult / tricksier vein. might've gone a bit overboard at places, but i like how this ended up, as did robin (who especially loved (semi-spoilers, highlight to reveal) the central 42A and the crossing of 57A / 57D). so, yeah, posting this here for y'all to enjoy as well.

also, uh, because i still can't be arsed to remove this part from copy/pasting the last blog post in as a template for this post, here's a reminder that i'm open to make custom puzzles for just about anything. alternately, if you want to throw some cash at me for non-custom puzzles, the arcseconds puzzle suite is still available for purchase.