Friday, October 21, 2022

puzzle 197: "café de l'amour (freestyle with norah sharpe)"

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back at it again with another puzzle on the blog, though in the meantime i've had a few puzzles elsewhere: an avcx+ collab with daryl sng, another avcx+ collab with adam aaronson, a half baked collab with will eisenberg, and a somewhat edgy collab with the one and only norah sharpe of norah's puzzles. speaking of which, norah is also the co-constructor of today's freestyle, which was a blast and a half to make, and which we hope you enjoy.

norah says: "i'm so honored to be making my arctan(x)words debut! i sent chris the bottom half of this grid back in may. we've taken our time with this one, working on it in between all of our other various projects. i'm so happy with the end product, especially his clues for 25A and 64A (what's an arctan puzzle without a CSH reference?) i wrote all the sports clues! 😘"

also, uh, because i still can't be arsed to remove this part from copy/pasting the last blog post in as a template for this post, here's a reminder that i'm open to make custom puzzles for just about anything. alternately, if you want to throw some cash at me for non-custom puzzles, the arcseconds puzzle suite is still available for purchase.