i'm pleased to announce squarefree, my first puzzle suite. it consists of eight puzzles, none of which are square.

as an indie constructor, quite often, i find myself making puzzles that don't adhere to the usual 15x15 size. in fact, at the time i'm writing this, over three-fifths of the puzzles on my site are some other size. and over half of them aren't even square. most of those puzzles are themed puzzles, and most of the time, it's done in order to get the theme to work, or to facilitate good fill. but i figured i could just as well make freestyle puzzles that were whatever size they needed to be to work, and thus came the idea for this.

in the time since i started working on this, other puzzle suites with similar ideas and inspirations came out, including will nediger's suite sixteen and andrew ries' stretch. i found both of those to be excellent puzzle suites, and i hope you find this one excellent as well.

the suite costs $10; if you'd like, you can add a tip on top of that in the text box.

you'll receive a zip file containing all eight puzzles in both puz and pdf formats; files for downs-only solving are included as well. many thanks to peter broda for helping out with technical aspects, including helping me get the automated mailer thingy set up.

finally, if you'd like a sample puzzle, here's the first puzzle. of the suite. in addition feel free to check out the archives; cortez and los borrachos probably best reflect the thought process and inspiration behind these puzzles, but so do many other puzzles on this site, themed or freestyle, square or squarefree.

purchase squarefree for $10 by clicking the "buy now" button
additional donation / tip: $