i'm pleased to announce arcseconds, a collection of twenty brand-new freestyles that's my second puzzle suite (hence the name; many thanks to adam aaronson for that). unlike the puzzles in my first puzzle suite, squarefree, these are all the normal size of 15x15; some are hard, some are weird™, and some are a mixture of both. all of the puzzles are fun, though, and i had a lot of fun putting this suite together, even if some of the puzzles took some time to come together nicely.

the pack is $20 (via paypal) but if you would like to tip me extra, i’d be very grateful. you'll get a zip file containing all twenty puzzles in both puz and pdf formats, plus solutions to all of the puzzles; you should receive the puzzles within one day, but if not, contact me. (ditto if you would like to pay via some non-paypal method.)

if you'd like a sample puzzle first, here's a bonus puzzle that's not part of the suite. in addition, you can always check out any puzzle on the archive; there's about sixty or so freestyles, some of which share some creative sparks with the puzzles in this suite (though again, all of the puzzles are brand-new).