Saturday, January 23, 2021

puzzle 182: "group shot (w/ matthew stock)"

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freestyle collaboration with matthew stock to go along with our puzzle in this weekend's wall street journal. lots of fun stuff in both puzzles, and i hope you enjoy these puzzles as much as i enjoyed working with matthew on these.

about this puzzle, matthew notes:

chris’ blog was one of the first indie puzzle sites i discovered, so it’s great to make a co-constructing appearance here with this themeless! we started this one off with 32-across as a seed we had both been thinking about using independently, and i think we managed to build out a good bit of fun from there. i especially enjoy chris’ pair of entries he stacked at 16-across and 18-across, and my favorite clue-answer combo is 20-down. hope you enjoy! 

in the same vein, i love the sw corner (especially 49- and 55-across), which is matthew's; i'm pretty sure he's also responsible for most / all of the good clues here.

in other puzzling news, i also collaborated with rachel fabi on the fireball puzzle from earlier this week. if you're a subscriber, i hope you enjoyed it; rachel and i certainly had a lot of fun making it, and we both like how it ended up.