Sunday, October 28, 2018

puzzle 78: "a few times i've been around that track"

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last chance to hit up the tip jar for the bonus puzzles from this decorative gourd season (decorative gourds not included). as always, thanks to those who've donated so far. and, speaking of donations, the inkubator has smashed its target and, hopefully, will smash the patriarchy. it's not too late to get in on it, and i highly recommend doing so.

apologies for the relative lateness of this puzzle; had a few others that, for various reasons, haven't fully cooperated yet. here's hoping i can wrangle them into shape here in the next few weeks. meanwhile, this one's pretty straightforward, but which i made harder on myself by stacking the theme entries for absolutely no reason at all, and then dropping down to seventy words. but there's some nice bonuses in this puzzle, and i think you'll enjoy it.