Friday, October 5, 2018

puzzle 75: "hot tea (freestyle 59)"

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three quarters of a way to a century, and i honestly didn't realize it until i put the number in. it's the part of the semester where everything is getting busier. but it's also the part of the semester where the leaves are changing colors and it's getting nice and crisp out and all that jazz.

so a freestyle, then, which i thought came out well, and which i find aesthetically pleasing. and if you're so inclined and would like to tip your constructor, i'll send you my thanks. i'll also send not one, but two, bonus puzzles—one a straight freestyle, the other with a bit of a mini-theme but still very much a freestyle.

(edited to add: the original file, which was also the file sent via email, was missing the clue at 48 down, which is "topic currently being discussed. it should now be fixed above. mea culpa.)