Saturday, March 28, 2020

puzzle 158: "deleted scenes (w/ richard d. allen)"

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here's a collaboration with richard d. allen, a rookie constructor from north carolina who's been making puzzles for about a year now. i've had the pleasure of testing some of those puzzles, and i enjoyed working with him on this puzzle as well.

as is often the case with puzzles based on timely events, the theme may seem a bit familiar; brendan emmett quigley and sam trabucco have already posted their takes on this reveal. still, ours is a bit different, so even if you already know the reveal, this is still a fun puzzle to solve. and if you haven't solved either of the two above-linked puzzles already, well, then you have another puzzle or two to solve and see a different take on this theme.

in other news, did a twitch stream that involved solving crosswords while drinking and talking about things; i had fun, and i think i'm going to keep doing this weekly while we're all mostly at home here. recommendations for puzzles to solve and requests to join for audio commentary are always welcome. (and yes, the white claw puzzle power hour is coming at some point soon; working on getting the puzzles for that, and possibly practicing just a little bit.)

also, here's a fun mini from adam aaronson on his twitter, based on a nice pair of seed entries.

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and finally, if you would like me to do anything crossword related—collaboration, test solving, asking questions about themes, etc.—hit me up via email, and i'll be happy to help.