Sunday, October 13, 2019

puzzle 132: "going back to square one?"

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first, an announcement: queer qrosswords 2 has just been released; as with the first iteration, i have a pair of puzzles (one a solo freestyle, the other a themed collaboration). i'm looking forward to solving these, but everything i've heard about them so far indicates that i'm going to be in for a treat. so i highly encourage you to get support queer charities and donate and get this collection and enjoy this goodness as well.

also: forgot to link to these in weeks past, but both sid sivakumar and brian thomas have started their own puzzles sites recently, and both have posted some good puzzles that i've enjoyed. so definitely check those out as well.

finally: w/r/t this week's puzzle, i highly encourage solving on paper, as every circle in this puzzle will contain a different letter in the across and down directions. it's certainly solvable on your computer, but be aware that the files are coded to take the across letters as correct, and that it'll be a lot harder to keep track of the different letters. still, either way, should be a fun puzzle.