Sunday, August 4, 2019

puzzle 121: "a day at the roxbury (freestyle 115)"

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unsurprisingly, the seed entry in this one (61A) came from something i saw while in boston for boswords. resulted in one of my favorite stacks in awhile, and then i had fun finding a stack to match it at the top (and then figuring out how to connect the two). perhaps a bit too many names, but i think all the crossings are fair. some good clues, too—19A and 32D are my favorites, but there's good ones throughout.

as for boswords: this absolutely counts as burying the lede, but yours truly finished second! some excellent puzzles throughout the day, including a wonderful final by finn vigeland; you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't get the puzzles and solve them. as for me? i'll probably be busy doing all the puzzles i printed off to do on the train (which, sadly, wasn't an acela) up to boston...and then didn't solve at all. so much for preparation, i guess.

me, boswords champion andy kravis, ken stern, and finals puzzle constructor finn vigeland