Sunday, June 16, 2019

puzzle 114: "us open"

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absolutely no points for guessing what i've been watching all weekend as i've been making this puzzle. thought i'd have some fun by opening it up; turns out that's like preparing a course for the us open, in that that makes it a lot harder. still, a lot of good long answers, and i hope you enjoy this.

finally got around to figuring out the winner of the meta from last month; amusingly, there were 36 correct entries for a meta titled "squarefree". of those, christopher sparks was the lucky recipient of a copy of the squarefree suite, which can still be purchased at the preceding link. many thanks to everybody who's already purchased, as well as those who submitted an answer (right or wrong) for the meta. (in case you're curious, the solution is now posted on the original puzzle's page; commentary is included with the solution, but suffice it to say that the next meta will be a little nicer and will have a better "click" at the end.)