Saturday, February 2, 2019

puzzle 94: "making up ground"

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yet another puzzle inspired by recent(ish) pop culture, though admittedly i haven't seen the series in question yet. not that that will ever stop me from these sorts of puzzles. and, though it doesn't look it, it's certainly got one of the higher average word lengths i've had in awhile. part of that is the fact that only two answers ended up with three letters, and part of that is the theme; still, pleased to work in a few interesting bits of fill, both short and long.

in other crossword news: i recently wrote a detailed description of how i made one of my old puzzles (specifically, this one, in case you want to solve it first, since the description is naturally full of spoilers). i can't claim to speak for all constructors, but i think it's a nice look behind the curtain, especially for newer constructors, and the advice there should hopefully be of use.

also, crossword tournaments are coming up soon: acpt, of course, but the indie 500 and boswords have recently announced their dates as well, with registration to come soon. for various reasons, i almost certainly won't be at acpt this year, but i'd love to have a presence via puzzles. and i'd love to have these puzzles be collaborations—if you have an idea you'd love to work on, hit me up.