Sunday, June 24, 2018

puzzle 61: "cortez (freestyle 49)"

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amusing coincidence: i was already planning on using this awesome cover of cortez the killer for music for some puzzle, and then wikipedia tells me the number 58 has significance to the story of cortez, and this puzzle has 58 words, so there's the title for you.

but yeah: a 58 word freestyle. granted, the grid is slightly smaller than a normal grid, and there's a few more black squares than i'd like, but it came out well. reminds me a bit of this kameron austin collins puzzle, which also has a really low word count, lots of black squares, and which remains one of my favorites from him.

in other news, there's a lot coming up in the next few weeks. first, i have the thursday (6/28) puzzle in the la times. then on saturday (6/30), i'll be filling in for rex parker for a day. and on the tuesday after that (7/3), i'm making my new york times debut, and i have high hopes that it will not tuez. after that, there's a few more with as yet unconfirmed dates other than "sometime this fall", but i'll definitely let y'all know when and where.

oh, and also: boswords is open for registration. it was a blast last year, and i should be there again this year.