Thursday, November 23, 2017

puzzle 21: "gobble gobble gobble (freestyle 4)"

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happy thanksgiving, everybody. here's a slightly oversized (17x17) freestyle for y'all to enjoy while you recover from a food coma. it has nothing to do with food (i think).

if that's not enough for you, rex parker has a nice and easy baseball puzzle, also 17x17, called fan duel, that came out yesterday. puz here, pdf here.

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so as you can probably tell from the fact that it's a freestyle, i did not in fact finish the thanksgiving themed puzzle. part of this is because i left my constructing computer at home. but even if i hadn't, not sure it would've been done: i still haven't figured out any good way to implement the theme idea. maybe i'll figure it out by next thanksgiving.

that being said, even though i don't have my computer, it's been a very productive break. i've been coming up with a long list of theme ideas instead, and honestly i've come up with a lot more than i thought i would. in some ways, it's like constructing puzzles for this site: started off a bit slow and hesitant, and then i got into the swing of things, and now things are easier and faster than before.

anyhow, there's an excellent chance that december will be entirely themed around christmas / winter stuff. at the very least, three or four puzzles next month will be. there's also a pretty good chance that i'll have a month of metas somewhere in the next few months, perhaps even with an overarching mega-meta for the month. and there's a decent chance that you'll see my name more in coming months. first up: an identical twins puzzle for joon pahk's outside the box puzzles, coming december 4th.

so thank you for solving these puzzles, and for providing impetus to keep constructing and keep improving. it's much appreciated, and i'm very thankful for that--not just now, but all through the year.