Sunday, September 6, 2020

puzzle 178: "fishers of men"

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timely mini puzzle whose theme was lucky enough to work out symmetrically. first time i've had the inspiration to make a puzzle in quite some time, but i like it, and (fingers crossed) this will lead to me making more soon.

but yeah, sorry for not having a puzzle in a bit; i just haven't had any energy or motivation to do crosswords (or, for that matter, anything, really) in the last few weeks. still don't have much, really, but i made this, so hopefully that's a good omen. and i also got around to going through old files [aka looking at puzzles that i got rejection emails from] and managed to find some old puzzles i honestly forgot i made, so i guess i have a bit of a backlog now? at least i have more puzzles to put out without going a month between them.

[edited to add: also i guess i passed the three year anniversary sometime since the last puzzle?]