Friday, August 14, 2020

puzzle 177: "wap (guest puzzle by adam nicolle)"

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guest puzzle by adam nicolle, who's dropped a lot of great freestyles on his site recently and still has a puzzle pack available for a charity donation; see details at his site. also, lollapuzzoola tomorrow; i'm signed up for the downs only division, and haven't practiced that much, so we'll see how it goes. but it'll be fun no matter what happens.

otherwise, apologies for not having a puzzle in a bit; didn't have anything finished last weekend, but adam was nice enough to offer this puzzle. we were discussing possible revisions to this monday and basically had this finished when the derecho hit, and i ended up losing power for three days. all things considered, i'm fine; there's a lot of people around here that won't get power back for much longer, to say nothing of all the property damage. gonna try to do a crossword twitch stream some time next week to raise some money for this; details to come soon.