Monday, May 27, 2019

puzzle 110: "squarefree (meta)"

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major announcement: i am very pleased to announce squarefree, a suit of eight freestyle puzzles, most of which have been under construction for the last year, and none of which are square. more information, as well as a link to purchase, can be found at the above link; a sample puzzle from the suite will be posted shortly. both the sample puzzle and today's puzzle will be available at the indie 500 next weekend as well.

as for this week's meta, it's appropriately not square, and the meta answer is a composite squarefree integer; that is, it has no repeated prime factors. send in your answers via email before june 9th for a chance to win the meta prize, which is, unsurprisingly, one copy of squarefree. if you happen to have already purchased it before winning, i'll refund your cost and/or work something else out with you. otherwise, the deadline should give plenty of time to solve, even with travel to washington dc and such.